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Frequently Asked Questions

WHO is “the mess?”

Ha! I’ve been trying to answer that question since 1957!   I have a master’s degree in counseling psychology, have worked with people in both groups and individually for 24+ years, and have spent oodles of time reading self-help books and going to therapy & workshops myself.

I am a very experienced and driven beautiful mess inside.
I’ve been fueled by one thing all my life…
Radical Self-Acceptance.

I believe our beauty and our mess go together and are simply parts of a whole, worthwhile, and lovable human being. While the messy parts can cause us great misery and unhappiness, the mess gives our lives texture, richness, and depth. I am passionate about getting the word out that being messy (or having a mess) does not mean we are broken.  We humans have an amazing capacity for survival and revival.

WHY would I WANT go on this adventure?

Because you are ready to create more beauty in your mess.  You want to leave auto-pilot behind and discard some of your spirit-killing mental chatter.  You probably are feeling a nudge from within.  The little voice inside might be saying “yes – do it.”  Perhaps you are in a state of transition.  A relationship may be beginning or ending.  Your heart might be heavy from old baggage.

You may have forgotten about your own needs long ago, but now you’re determined to create a happier and healthier life for yourself (and your mini-mess.) Trying harder to make people happy or being a peacemaker is wasted energy and you know it. You may have even discovered resentment. Yes… we beautiful messes are prone to resentment because we feel like we’ve given and given to the point of exhaustion. We feel alone and unloved at times. We end up pissed off at ourselves because we know this isn’t the way we want to live. We long for validation, but are conflicted because we don’t like feeling victimy and bitter.

We’re stuck in our shit and we know it.

Here’s what I know… resentment, sadness, grief, bitterness, anger don’t have to define you. We don’t need to be on a mission to destroy those emotions. All those things indicate one thing and one thing only… we are human.

Self-acceptance doesn’t mean giving in or becoming what we fear. It means…

integrating the beauty and the mess

ending the war with yourself

becoming more kind and gentle with yourself

When this happens resentments begin to melt away and there is room for peace in your heart. Best of all your light shines more brightly because you are no longer afraid of yourself.

You are ready to take the next step. You know there is beauty inside you and need someone to help you shine a light into the shadows. You are willing to invest your time and energy in yourself now.


Because you are not getting any younger and each
day of your life is an important one that you can’t have back.

The women who take this journey are here because the universe has given them a gentle nudge (or was it a smack upside the head). They are answering the call of their own beautiful spirit.

Participants in earlier classes have improved relationships with themselves, others, and their jobs. They have been able to develop a profound sense of inner peace, are more kind and gentle with themselves, and are generally more confident. They appreciate the honest and practical tools presented in the daily emails.

Many of them were astounded by the level of support and safety they felt in the Facebook Group. Some expected to never write a word only to find themselves checking-in and sharing with the group first thing each morning. Others appreciated reading what the group had to say without any pressure to participate.

You can read “What They Are Saying”  and “About My Journey” to see what other women have said about their experience in the class. You decide how deep you go and how much you participate. You are always free to choose.  Of course the more you put into it, the more you take out.  You get to do this class in whatever way works best for you.

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