What does being in the “flow” really mean?

The Next Fleeting Glimpses Live Webinar Is
Tuesday May 6, 2014 8pm CDT/9pm EDT

May:  Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USAWe’ll be talking about FLOW:  No one said going with the FLOW would be an easy trip, but if you don’t let go you’ll surely be dragged along the way.  Trust yourself to step off the shore and into the FLOW of life. 

Everybody talks about being in the “flow”.  But what the hell does that really mean?  I’m going to tackle one of my favorite topics and put it in terms you can understand.

On Tuesday May 6th I’ll be…

  • helping you understand the difference between passively “going with the flow” and actually “being in the flow”
  • talking about what “being in the flow” really means and why it matters
  • giving you practical ways to tap into making things easier for yourself (one of the reasons why “flow” matters
  • using shitloads boatloads of water metaphors ;-)
  • answering your questions

If you can’t attend the live, you will be able to access the webcast on demand after the event. Each Webcast will be approximately one-hour long.

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Add to Cart The price for this live offering is $10

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