Beware The Rear View Mirror


Today I’m low on words and that’s just alright with me.  I wrote this a few weeks ago, when I had lots of words in my head.

I adore it when I discover my beautiful-self wrote something that my messy-self would need to read on June 19, 2014.

How cool is that? ;-)

It might even mean I’m here for myself even I don’t realize it!

xo, Gayle


Just keep moving forward. life is better played with a HEART FULL OF YES. Even when you are crushed by the weight of gravity there is a YES somewhere inside you. Search for it. Your pain only seems bigger than you. Let it fuel you to push FORWARD. There is nothing back there you can change. The rear view mirror is for lane changes. Change lanes when necessary, but keep your eyes on the road ahead.


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